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  1. I'm probably not allowed to since it says "other party should have replied in that thread"; the other user never posted in the topic, even though I explicitly said so in my first post. On top of that, is feedback only for completed transactions between a buyer and seller? If so, then I can see I'm not allowed to leave feedback since the deal fell through. Watch out for @@Bala, he will leave you hanging for payment and I'm wondering if he just wants the xF token.
  2. Offer is off People backing off from their deal. People saying they will pay Thursday, then changing it to next week (Wednesday). People not replying to their conversation that they started. People not following my direction (1st post says to post in this thread). I decided to not worry about it. At the end of the day $70 is not that much too me; heck, I wanted to give it away for free, but the only person I know online wouldn't take it (I have no idea why). Good day everyone
  3. Just want to update that I decided to give it another try today, and I successfully changed my eMail address. Not sure what happened - unless you fixed it.
  4. It's sad to say I'm giving up on yet another one of my forums; after 1.5 years xenForo 1.2 license support expires: Apr 25, 2014 $75 OBO This license can legally transfer Please post in this thread, and message me, and/or I can message you.
  5. For some reason I can not change my email address. I input the correct password, and click 'save changes' and the only thing that happens is some script loads (not sure what to call it).
  6. Hello, I have a license I want to sell
  7. Hi, I have a license I'm wanting to sell for $75. sold to JamesB
  8. Asking $75 firm. Offers accepted, but don't hold your breath too long. I've attached an image You can also find the image if you visit the root of the website, and add /sell.gif to the end. Hope that made sense
  9. I'll take the Xenforo license.

  10. Hello, I have my XF license for sale. I am the original purchaser. License expires on Mar 9, 2012. $80 Thanks, Cory

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