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  1. Atlanical posted a new classified: [plain]Blesta.Store the home of Blesta specialists - Blesta licenses from $8.50or $160![/plain] Read more about the classified...
  2. Hi Dan how can I change my username?

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    2. Atlanical


      Thanks Dan you're a legend :)

    3. Dan


      Done Sir

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      and you Dan you're a legend :)

  3. Hi Kirk how can I change my username?

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      Pm me what you would like to change your username to

    2. Atlanical


      Dan did it for me mate thanks.

  4. Just to let people know $500 is a good price for what you get if you really want WHMCS. I've seen ones go for $700, as it's rare now $500+ are the marketshare, unless you are really lucky you won't find one for $300. Branded Owned: $249.95 Unbranded Owned: $324.95 & 1 year support and updates is $99.00 (near $100 on top) so then the rest is just the seller's profit. Get WHMCS | WHMCS
  5. Licensecart posted a new classified: [plain]Swap from WHMCS Monthly to Blesta and save $4,404 a decade.[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  6. Hi there not sure if you are still looking but we sell Blesta licenses at a affordable price. Licensecart - Authorized Distributor | Blesta.
  7. Licensecart posted a new classified: [plain]BLACKFRIDAY: Blesta Owned Unbranded with a free Addon company or BlestaCMS plugin for $150[/plain] Switch to a secure billing system today. Read more about the classified...
  8. Don't want to pay $99.95 for WHMCS updates? We don't blame you swap to ‪Blesta‬ with our last Birthday deal for $140! You get a year worth of updates included in the license, and then it's $39 per year onwards. If you don't want to upgrade you don't need to you can add it whenever you want and the extra year will start from when you have paid. Not like WHMCS which start from the expiry date. We will need proof of purchase from WHMCS in a PDF invoice format, in a sales ticket and we will add the discount to the invoice before you pay. PS: We will promise you this will be the best inves
  9. I would say he would know mate, simply because it's in their reseller agreement http://whmcs.com/resellers/ Reseller Requirements You may only sell licenses to your own hosting/dedicated customers And Q: Who can I sell these licenses to? A: The reseller program is intended for web hosts, to allow them to offer WHMCS licenses along with their reseller, VPS and/or dedicated hosting services. The reseller program does not allow selling licenses to the general public, or as a standalone item.
  10. 39 Blesta Owned unbranded licenses left at $140 with a free addon company license. Two hours 20 minutes left.
  11. 24 hours left for this sale price for Blesta Owned Unbranded with a free addon company for $140.00. 41 left and when they are gone that's it. When the clock struck's midnight on the 31st December 2014, the sale is closed and you've missed out... What are you waiting for?
  12. End of year sale now on today until December 31st 2014. Blesta Unbranded from $7.30. Blesta Owned Branded for $135.99 with a free Addon company. Blesta Owned Unbranded for $140.00 with a free Addon company. InterWorx from $6.99. https://licensecart.com/billing/customers/plugin/sales Terms and conditions on the page. Limited time only.

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