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Status Updates posted by Kirk

  1. Kirk

    Looks like you beat me to a ipb license XD

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    2. Noble


      but im willing to partner up still, did you have an idea of a site you want to go with? or domain

    3. Kirk


      applaud ryan gosling GIF by The Academy Awards


      Honestly im trying to be careful right now on the money so of course you will have more ipb licenses then me lol


      despicable me lol GIF

    4. Noble
  2. All i want for christmas is a IPB license

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    2. Noble


      well if you ever decide you would like a partner i would not mind getting the software to get something going.

      I have a few sites that im working on and a couple of older gaming sites that are dead now.

    3. Kirk
    4. Noble


      maybe dan would like to sell me this site hahahahahahahahah

  3. Classifieds are back :)

  4. The middleman service is still available but our system is currently under maintenance

    1. EPICORX


      When will the classifieds be back up? Thanks!

    2. Kirk


      We're hoping very soon

  5. Kirk

    Good to see you around here still :P

  6. Kirk

    Hello there :)

    1. Error


      Hello, @[92:Kirk]

  7. All middleman service requests that have been submitted will be worked on today.. Sorry for the delay folks

  8. I'll be unavailable to do middleman services until the 23rd of may.. Sorry for the inconvenience

  9. Programming time :D

  10. Thank you for the donation

  11. So many things to do it's crazy

  12. Thank you very much for the donation @[4170:internext] :).

  13. Thank you for the generous donation :-)

  14. Thank you the donation @[1293:mcloud] . Kudos to you :)

  15. Christmas is coming soon :D. Happy Holidays EL Members.

  16. Thank you for your donation to Extra License Scooby :)

  17. Hi Megaman. I've left you a nice detailed walk through guide on how to use the Trade Rating System for you. If you have any problems on the site you can send me a PM and i'll be more than happy to help you out.

  18. Kirk

    Howdy Dan, Check your pm when you can :)

    1. Liam W

      Liam W

      That rhymes :P

  19. Mr. Chris, Thank you for the generous donation to Extra License :)

  20. Kirk

    Just donated $2 to this site Dan :), Cheers :)

    1. Dan


      Thank you very much! I really appreciate that Kirk

  21. If anyone needs help on Extra License feel free to leave me a message :)

  22. http://studentscorner.net Could you give me some feedback please :)

  23. My Student Help community has officially launched!

  24. Kirk

    Dan, Where can i promote my site for staff hiring?

    1. Dan


      http://extralicense.com/forums/site-promotion-feedback.31/ and/or you can put it in your signature. Did you have something specific in mind?

  25. Starting up a Student Help Community.

    1. Kirk


      If any one is interested in helping me out send me a message on here.

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