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  1. Best of luck on selling the License @Dan
  2. Since this is listed at $150 and the middleman service is used yes it would be 10% for this transaction
  3. @Brian_D looks like you've left this inactive. I'll give you till tomorrow to update this thread or I'm marking this abandoned
  4. Kirk

    Hello there!

    welcome to Extra License @subdreamer !
  5. Please create a classified to sell your license
  6. Have you been given permission by all authors of designs and addons that they can be transferred?
  7. I've been noticing this situation as well that many of these situtations are creating waiting to be approved. I'll investigate this and see if it's the permission causing this situation
  8. Kirk

    Site Updates

    ANOTHER UPDATE We've brought back our middleman service. For more information about it: Extra License Middle Man Service
  9. Kirk

    Site Updates

    SITE NEW LOOK we've installed a new look for the site. Please let us know what you think about the Theme/Style
  10. fixed that for you @iyutrecnfre
  11. Kirk

    Site Updates

    UPDATE for the classifieds: We've added categories for Domains and other in the classified application
  12. Classifieds are back :)

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