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  1. WTB:IPB LICENSE View Advert Looking for a ipb license for my site can just be the forum itself Advertiser Kirk Date 12/08/2019 Price Category Invision Power  
  2. Kirk


    Time Left: 24 days and 4 hours

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    Looking for a ipb license for my site can just be the forum itself. I will not buy any account takeovers


  3. Looks like you beat me to a ipb license XD

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    2. Godfather


      but im willing to partner up still, did you have an idea of a site you want to go with? or domain

    3. Kirk


      applaud ryan gosling GIF by The Academy Awards


      Honestly im trying to be careful right now on the money so of course you will have more ipb licenses then me lol


      despicable me lol GIF

    4. Godfather
  4. All i want for christmas is a IPB license

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    2. Godfather


      well if you ever decide you would like a partner i would not mind getting the software to get something going.

      I have a few sites that im working on and a couple of older gaming sites that are dead now.

    3. Kirk
    4. Godfather


      maybe dan would like to sell me this site hahahahahahahahah

  5. Kirk

    Middle Man Service

    EXTRA LICENSE MIDDLE MAN SERVICE We are pleased to announce a new tool to allow members to safely complete the sale of their licenses by using Extra License as a middle man. How does it work? Submit a request here: https://extralicense.com/support/create/ Please note - We will only act as a middle man for licenses that are legally able to be transferred. We will NOT act as a middle man for account transfers or if the license is not legally able to be transferred. After you submit the request, a personal conversation will be automatically generated initiating the request. What type of payments will you deal with? Currently the only type of payments we will deal with is PayPal at this time How It Works Either the Seller or Buyer will complete a form to initiate the transaction. It doesn't matter who completes the form, we only ask that only one form per transaction is submitted, so please work out which of you will complete the form. Once the form is submitted, a personal conversation will be automatically started with the participants including, initially, the member who completed the form, Me. The other party, once identified, will be manually added to the conversation. When all involved members are present in the conversation, I will reply with the terms of the sale including the agreed upon price, fees payed to us, and any other information that is relevant. Both parties are then to respond to the conversation stating they agree to the terms. Once both parties agree to the terms, we will create an invoice from PayPal totaling the agreed upon sale price plus fees. Keep in mind that the license price and fees could be separated if requested. This will be determined in the personal conversation agreement. Once we received the payment (which could take up to 48 hours), we will respond to the conversation stating that we received the payment and then ask the seller to initiate the transfer with the respective developers. At this point, the seller will probably respond asking for additional details about the buyer. This information could include, but is not limited to: the Buyer's full name, address, phone number, and/or username (if any) on the developers site. The buyer is then required to answer any and all of those questions in the personal conversation. Once all information has been exchanged that was requested by the developer, the transaction will take place. Please note that this could take 24-48 hours to complete as time permits. License transfers are usually not a high priority. Once the transfer is complete, the buyer is required to respond in the personal conversation that he or she has in fact received the license and the transaction is complete. Upon verification from the buyer that the license has been received, we will then forward the agreed upon sale price less fees to the seller. The seller then acknowledges receipt of the money and the transaction in considered complete. The buyer and seller then will be requested to add feedback to each other using our feedback system. We should point out that it is very important to respond to each and every response in the personal conversation in a timely manner. FAQ's What Are the Fees? $10.00 or 10% (whichever is greater) per transaction. Will you (extralicense.com) accept other forms of payment? At this time, no. However, we will be constantly looking at other services to add to accept payment from members. Do we have to use this service on your site? Absolutely not. At no time will this ever be a requirement to buy, sell or trade on this site. This is just a service we provide to offer more protection than when members deal directly with each other. Do you guys handle the transfer of the license? No. We do not have any authority nor permissions to oversee the transfer. This will be handled by the respective developers.
  6. Is this for sale @punkt1 ??
  7. Best of luck on selling the License @Dan
  8. Since this is listed at $150 and the middleman service is used yes it would be 10% for this transaction
  9. @Brian_D looks like you've left this inactive. I'll give you till tomorrow to update this thread or I'm marking this abandoned
  10. Kirk

    Hello there!

    welcome to Extra License @subdreamer !
  11. Please create a classified to sell your license
  12. Have you been given permission by all authors of designs and addons that they can be transferred?
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