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  1. So, I'm guessing support around here is dead?
  2. This isn't really a bug or anything, just a question; wasn't sure exactly where to post it. I have a Xenforo license that is eligible for transfer once the support is renewed (I have a conversation from the Xenforo team via email to confirm this). I don't want to renew it until I have a buyer, that way they get the full 1 year of support. Is there a way to still get this listed, since the support isn't renewed yet I can't add it with WTS.
  3. I've since lowered my asking price to $150 (vs. $170 via LicenseCart...which by the way, Mike at LicenseCart is a good friend of mine and he supports this sale too...lol), forgot to post that here. However, you are getting a license through Blesta itself, not a reseller...so support would be directly through Blesta when renewed. You are also getting an owned license for Blesta 2.5 as well with this purchase. As well as it's going to a good cause, none of the money from this sale is going in my pocket.
  4. With this purchase ($300 value if purchased direct from Blesta) you will receive a v3 owned unbranded license as well as a v2 owned unbranded license. The support for these licenses is expired, yearly renewal is $39. We are hoping to raise $200 through the sale of this license, lower offers are welcomed but please remember all proceeds from this sale will be directly donated to the formation of a non-profit and not for personal gain. Disclaimer: This license is being sold to provide direct monetary support to a non-profit that I am involved in forming. I have spoken with Paul at Blest
  5. Sorry to say someone else just bought this one from me, no longer available. Good luck with your purchase though!
  6. I won't renew it before payment (I've tried that before and the person bailed on me...leaving me out $40 and no sale), but I have already done this with two of my other licenses in my sale thread http://extralicense.com/threads/3-xenforo-licenses-1-full-year-of-support-included.1409/ so hopefully that makes you feel more comfortable. I also have a thread at the xenforo site saying this is a valid way to transfer a license as well: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/question-about-selling-licenses.51117/
  7. I have one for sale for $100, it will not validate as transferable via the api since it is expired, but it will be renewed before transfer so will have 1 year of support with it. validation token: 51da0fcb35ec6ffc76a2f94d8d54adf3 (the domain section of the API is optional, so won't be including it)
  8. I have some available to sell, looking for $110 or decent offer. comes with 1 year of support

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