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  1. http://www.gamerbb.net

  2. GamerBB has been growing very quickly despite it's 3 month and 3 week month lifespan. I've finally decided to sell some AdSpace. Have your banner (200x200 pixels only) placed in GamerBB's sidebar on the main page for a duration of 15 days. There is an ad rotation meaning multiple websites, forums, or blogs will be visible at a single time. 8USD for 15 Days 15USD for 30 Days
  3. Attempting to sell PostContract.com Registered through HawkHost. Renewal July 7th, 2012. I will not cover any domain transfer fees.
  4. Wow, you're doing quite a bit of traveling. Enjoy!
  5. AppsForo.com is using vBulletin? I'm sending a PM now.
  6. GamerBB


    Welcome to EL, Vincent.
  7. GamerBB


    Yeah, I bet that does suck.
  8. Yeah, and if I actually wanted to sit down and watch something with her she won't want to watch anything at all. It's only when she sees my attention directed to the computer that she decides she wants to watch TV with me.
  9. GamerBB


    Labs are the best dogs... I want a silver or chocolate lab but the shedding part does not sound fun at all.
  10. I haven't worn boots in years. Since I was a kid, I suppose. My mother would dress me up like a cowboy, ugh... How I hated it!
  11. Most definitely, I went to watch the sequel yesterday and they didn't have it for streaming on the PS3 Netflix app. Yet my father's Netflix app did and he had a digital cable box.
  12. The Drake Equation? Never heard it but I will have to look into it. Hopefully we're buddies with Aliens. I'm not ready to go just yet.
  13. Good idea, thanks. I think I'm going to give it a shot this weekend.
  14. I get the same thing from my wife but what else is there to do? I honestly don't want to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" or "Teen Mom" all the time.

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