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  1. As you can see in the classified: Publishing suite 45$ Transfer fee
  2. @4ngeluxpunk didn't respond to my last messages... so the license is available.
  3. Sorry I got some serious personal problem, and I forgot to update you. I just noticed that I didn't asked about the Forum URL at the vbulletin customer care. I asked it now. Sorry for the delay @4ngeluxpunk, are you still interested?
  4. @4ngeluxpunk I prefer to discuss the deal in public (except for sensible data of course) So to reply to your conversation message: I can accept paypal payment. I'm waiting confirmation from vBulletin customer care about the possibility to edit "Forums URL" after the transfer to you. Once confirmed from them I will send you my Paypal email. You are going to pay 100USD directly to me and 45USD to vBulletin.
  5. I already asked to vBulletin customer care if its possible transfer the license and their response is positive. I'm going to send my contact in Conversation so vBulletin can confirm them. Contact vBulletin from the Contact Form here: vBulletin Forum Customer Support I'm now going to ask by a vBulletin ticket if once bought you will edit the "Forums URL".
  6. So I'm going to test Classified in a production environment... and maybe sell my vb4 publishing suite license!
  7. Kintaro posted a new classified: [plain]vBulletin 4 Publishing Suite - Lifetime[/plain] Never used! Read more about the classified...
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