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  1. Me and Naruze are already doing transaction.
  2. <<< Information requested via online << Transaction Underway.
  3. Right that is more waiting. dan can you add to scammers list, ill give you all the extra info about the guy.
  4. I will take for $100 today. Can u drop me email, or reply to my PM or Skype me steleeuk ,
  5. Only waiting few more hours. Is emailing me saying a friend is in coma, will send asap... been at hospital etc etc .

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    2. Stephen Lee

      Stephen Lee

      Well i am putting 2+2 together, 21, aaron tily, is his email address and he is from New Zealand. And online products?

    3. Dan


      Sounds to me, if that's him, you could contact his accusers and add to the case.

    4. Stephen Lee

      Stephen Lee

      Yup scamming bastard.

  7. He has emailed every 3-4 days, until tuesday, now silent. If it goes ahead then thats cool, but worried.
  8. I have paid the first half (Wed) , and am waiting for seller to provide login / license details.