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  1. want to sell it for $150 for ( license + branding removal ) plus $19 as the transfer fees
  2. thats why i posted new comment to mention that i will charge $19 transfer fee... initially i was unaware of that fact.. when i used to trade on purchased 1 long back there was no transfer fee at all then...
  3. $200 for license + branding removal (excluding transfer fees) as i am willing to transfer my account
  4. This is really the best domain you can have for ecommerce. if you are interested then please post your offer here in comment. I wish to sell it publically
  5. I also have HostgatorCouponcode2013.com and HostingCoupons2013.com with me and are available for sale
  6. I have listed few 4 letter domains in a new thread that i started
  7. I have some killer 4 letter domains which i wish to sell JCNK.com FukJ.com BUYY.org YBuy.org sBuy.org oKKK.org wNNN.org DEXT.org XENY.org OurX.net OnBE.net Apart from this i also have Quitted.net Historys.net Succeeded.net Smacked.me MyTweets.info Acted.info MobilePhoneReviews.info If you are interested in any of this domain name then please post your offer here
  8. isoBuddy.com is a short and catch domain name with exact 1000 monthly search (snapshot attached) on keyword "isoBuddy" and you can also check it yourself on any keyword research tool (I have used Google Adwords Keyword Tool). This means that you can have organic traffic as it is easy to rank domains with exact keywords ,especially if the TLD is .COM Reason for sale : I have registered this domain nine months back for my community website (as this domain contain keyword 'Buddy' ) but got a better domain for it later. All the offers are welcome
  9. I have removed the price tags from my post so as to welcome any offer from anyone interested in any of the listed domain names
  10. I also have some domain names like offerworld.org (website presenting coupons via affiliate program) Socialwix.com (for community website) Socialwiden.com (for community website) Socialwares.com (for community website) LazyCupid.com + LazyCupids.com (For Dating Website) LoveGuruBlog.com (Along with website and willing to sale) Affiliate Website Domains like HostingCoupons2013.com HostgatorCouponCode2013.com and many more if you like to know
  11. I appreciate your suggestion Warrior Forum is an the biggest internet marketing and members are having interest in domains having keyword WARRIOR. actually I have posted ad on warrior forum at the below listed thread http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/829392-premium-domains-warriors-brand-their-business.html Actually i have posted this ad here after one of my domain got sold as shown in screenshot... and i have hidden two domains because they are booked by other WARRIORs (warrior forum members).
  12. we can negotiate if u r interested in any of them.. actually all domains are targeted for Warrior Forum (War Room members) and theres 30% auction fee along with each

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