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  1. I am selling the php-job.com domain. Asking price $100 OBO. Free transfer.
  2. Thank you for the smooth transaction, Web Wizard. I am very satisfied with the deal too. All the best and take care!
  3. Heebeha, I am sorry, the sale was initiated with another buyer that contacted me earlier. I do not expect problems finalizing the transaction, but in case something unexpected happens and the sale is not completed I will keep you in touch.
  4. Yes, PayPal is accepted as long your PayPal email address is verified. Please send me a PM with your name, company name and PayPal email address, and I will request permission for the transfer.
  5. No, sorry, I would like to sell all together, but I can add for you another bonus - I can provide you with a software license for FTP Guard Standard edition - this is an FTP server monitoring desktop application developed by our company having a price of $59.
  6. PHPFox Community License (purchase price $299), branding removal (purchase price $49) and the following paid modules: phpFoxGuru Contact Importer 1.02 phpFoxGuru Friend Finder 1.01 phpFoxGuru Credit Plugin 1.03 phpFoxGuru Facebook Plugin 1.01 phpFoxGuru Gift Plugin 1.02 phpFoxGuru Password Strength Plugin 1.01 phpFoxGuru Referral 1.01 phpFoxGuru Top Member 1.01 phpFoxGuru Weather 1.02 For compatibility of the modules listed above and the selected PHPFox version please check phpfoxguru.com Asking price $150. Optionally, extend support/upgrade is available for $49 at phpfox.com
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