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  1. I'm interested with CTA & multisite addons. Still available?
  2. Dan, i purchased your advertise package (1 month) thru paypal. Please check it. ===================================== Link = https://brivium.com/?_bras=bpaia85uusrsvcit Text = Cool XenForo Add-ons

    1. JamesRoman324


      That's a really nice website :D Good job!

  3. I have a few questions: 1.Your license is transferable right? 2.Can i change email,username,password in ktools member panel? 3.I need to know some proof about your license.
  4. Thanks for your great support. @ShoeMaster ,i think we are on the right track to get back our money
  5. He uses the same response to me. He can say anything but we have conversation history in this forum. Also his token : 43c25e9f819b5e25239fa977635aef1a (still transferable)
  6. Wait, the seller agree to sell his license to me 16 hours ago and i already sent the payment. George Santiago,please explain this.
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