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  1. @davyd I am interested, send me Validation token to check if License can be transferred.
  2. It doesn't make sense to me, $100 + update to current version $55 = $155 New xenforo license $160 (without any chemistry).
  3. exterminator, the only way is to sell this xenforo customer account, you need to give buyer access to your account and access to email address you use in this xenforo account. If you are ready for that I offer you max $85. Jay I sent you offer for your license. 🙂
  4. btw. Regarding xenforo support license needs to be active, can not have been transferred before. So I can offer you $150 for renewed/extended license.
  5. Thanks, if the price was $ 80 I would buy, $ 110 makes no sense to me. Did you check if it can be transferred?
  6. Offer still active?
  7. Time Left: 10 days and 16 hours

    • Wanting to Buy
    • Preowned

    I want to buy a transferable Xenforo license. Paypal only.


  8. I am buying Xenforo license View Advert I want to buy a transferable Xenforo license. Paypal only. Advertiser zaja Date 01/14/2021 Price $100 Category XenForo  

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