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  1. That is very fair of you dan . Thanks a lot. We shall talk friday . Also is there a transfer fee ?
  2. Ok well im interested but cant paypal the money until friday. Its up to you, if its gone then no worries. If you check my posts you will see i am legit i have done business here before. Im not saying hold it, just if its not gone by then i will take it.
  3. Well i know it states, but are you stuck on 150? And plast you just offered to sell a license why you want one now ?
  4. you can also buy a vb4 license and have access to this version.
  5. I will take it . Still looking guys sorry was offline
  6. Like the title says so offer me your licenses and price please.
  7. sorry bro got one for 80 Topic can be closed.
  8. deal done. what a great guys just felt i could trust him rite away and i could. TY!
  9. Sorry i got a 4 license and a few other premium plugins to go with it for 80 dollars from another member. thanks for the reply .
  10. I would like to take the licenses off your hands cory. I visited your site unfortunately i dont use facebook or google+ anymore for personal reasons . Anyway you gan get me on gtalk or just email me on fitzdean8@gmail.com

  11. The screenshot doesnt really prove much bro . i have 100 dollars here if you wana accept. Is there a transfer fee. ?

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