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  1. Im thinking about making a website that transfers licencees out of the good nature of my heart. Im just a do gooder and want to help people. Myabe one day they will donate back. LMFO
  2. Dont even bother. 99.9% are fraud. Vbulelltin will back you up, they wont commit fraud. This website does not exist out of good nature to help others. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM.
  3. Citation posted a new classified: [plain]Vbulletin 5 Connect[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  4. 100 bucks and proof and sold

  5. Let me know if you sold it

  6. interested need proof its not fraud though

  7. No one seems to be coming through so Ill lower the price to 140. That is really reasonable. PM if interested.
  8. I can this evening. What time is good for you? Im on eastern time here in Florida, usually after 9pm est, around then. Thanks and cant wait.
  9. Im selling mine for 150. Its still available if anybody is interested. Fully transferable. Includes vB5, which also included vB4 and vB3. To the previous poster trying to sell to me, Im sorry but Im actually selling mine. Sorry for the confusion. PM or reply in interested and over PM I can verify in many ways. Ive owned it since early Beta so all of the fears of fraud are off the table. Ive never really used it. In the mean time if you buy it from me I can give you the login and password to temporarily use for yourself, i.e. you url until transferred. I believe that is ok. Let me kn
  10. I guess Im willing to go down to 150 as that seems to be the going rate.
  11. Full Licence. Checked and eligable for transfer. Purchased 10/26/12. It can be done by email or actual transfer. I no longer need it and of course, need the the $$$. Please PM me if you are interested. Paypal or western union onnly. Looking for 210. Thanks!!!

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