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  1. Hey @JoelR did you try it on a completed item?
  2. Nice job on the site Dan !😀
  3. let me know if this is still for sale i will start the middleman process.
  4. I will take it for 80.00 since its non transferable
  5. Godfather

    Now only $ 160

    its never been 300
  6. I'm currently looking for a XenForo license , must be able to transfer - must supply a validation key, i will pay the middleman after transfer and validation is confirmed. Thanks
  7. same here, PM me your validation key and domain attached to the license. I will pay the MM if we deal
  8. When does it expire? does it come with any addons? please PM me your validation key and the domain attached to it.......i will pay the MM cost if we deal
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