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  1. I got confused too. Sara sent me same email mentioning that there will be no lifetime thingy. I asked her back, "What about existing previous "lifetime" owners?" She did not reply me yet.
  2. 1. Is it Premium or Ultimate version? 2. When your license will expire?
  3. I am interested. Please provide me addons link, so that I can check if its transferable. I will try to make that happen by contacting respective authors. You can pm me or post it here.
  4. Dan, I just want to remove that red area totally. But want to keep right area intact, so that "logged in" members can use it. Also like to keep that below area, (mark forum read, search forums, watched threads, and so on, That area). I bought xF, I bought custom skin for it, I bought some xF addons, still I am using vB on my site, just because of this nevigation system. If u really can make it happen, please feel free to send your offer. Next three rounds (beer) on me. Still, thanks on credit.
  5. Hi, I want to hire someone who can install this on default xenforo skin. Please pm me here or xenforo.com for details requirements. Thanks on credit.

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