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  1. Will you be interested in buying a license with blog addon for 65$. I don't own any license, my friend has it. I can ask him to join here and share the details with you.
  2. Glad the import went well. Hope many make use of this new classified system.
  3. I see few test posts in classified, will it be removed soon or still the testing going on?
  4. That is cool, looking forward for the new site
  5. Hmm i see, then it is always good to go for paid theme in IPB
  6. From the person's profile we see that "Last seen: Jul 21, 2019 "
  7. jason05

    Now only $ 160

    300$ when it was 300 the price was 140 for long time and now they have increased it to 160 and the renewal charge has been increased to 55 from 40.
  8. Does IPB have many free themes? Or most of the themes are paid one? I know XF 2 has very less free themes.
  9. jason05

    XenForo license

    @Rickard Depending on the expiration date the price can be set. You can share the validation key so that who are interested in buying can have a look at the license details.
  10. jason05

    XenForo license

    You are looking for Trade or to sell the license? License expiration date and price will help you find a buyer
  11. License has been sold to moonlight
  12. Okay, will send the details via P.M
  13. The total amount includes the transfer fee (17$ + 28$)
  14. He he he, seems like Woltlab has less demand. Good then, let me keep it for sometime.
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