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  1. Please specify the version you're selling and verify license ownership to a mod (@vbguy ): Official vBulletin Guide to Purchasing Second Hand Licenses
  2. So you settle the $25 according to your listing, does it also mean you purchased at full price? but you're sure it's transferable?
  3. According to ClientExec terms: [spoiler=ClientExec Terms of Use]9. Transfer of Ownership. Transferring ownership of your purchased license is prohibited unless written permission is obtained from CLIENTEXEC. Only owners with active support will be able to transfer ownership. The cost to the new owner will be of the amount of $25 USD. If you received a discount when purchasing your version of ClientExec you will not be approved transfer. Purchase had to be full price before staff will agree to transfer request. Please submit a support ticket for these requests. So you settle the $25 ac
  4. Support still active? @vbguy is there a procedure for ClientExec license ownership verification?
  5. Yes, sending this information to a moderator as private message could be one way of verifying your license holder status. Otherwise, you can also provide this details to a potential customers but using a forum-moderator may be the best way to do this.
  6. See here: Official vBulletin Guide to Purchasing Second Hand Licenses and here: Important: Read Before Purchasing. - vBulletin Community Forum
  7. If you (/your license) meet this requirements I'm interested in buying yours: WTB - vB5 connect
  8. MCBuild submitted a new listing: [plain]vB5 connect[/plain] - [plain]vB5 connect[/plain] Learn more about this listing...
  9. When did you purchase it? Is it eligible for transfer? What abut transfer fee?
  10. Ok, eBay sounds good however you're new to eBay. Selling such a pricy item with an unrated account might take some time. Good lick anyway.
  11. A bit more information would be kind.. Any proofs? Did you check that the license is eligible for transfer?
  12. When did you bought the license? Is it eligible for transfer? Price is about $80-90 + $45 transfer-fee.

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