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  1. Before, I used to visit this forum before switching formats to some crap. Now I saw that I had it on the reading list, thought check it out but the forum is pure shit after down dating. Ban my account. Last post I write on the shit forum that admin died by downgrading from xenforo to poop.
  2. Is it equally good to forget to buy vbulletin? Since I am a buyer of a product, I want good information. Don't want to regret anything later. But I also hope that you understand that I cannot ask these questions on xenforo and vbulletin.
  3. I haven't been able to decide yet which one to go, xenforo seems to be better in terms of security but it is very similar to phpbb in terms of appearance. Xenforo's theme is so ugly, but you can fix it by buying a new one, which probably costs $ 30 and up.
  4. you probably have your reasons for switching to another platform but I think it has become pure shit. it's like a jungle. how do you see new posts (mobile)? over time, I think more people will be unhappy and then forget this forum until someone else creates a similar forum with better software than this shit. sometimes you just have to let go of certain things.
  5. Wushu

    Now only $ 160

    How can vbulletin be nearly $ 100 more expensive than xenforo if now xenforo is better?
  6. Wushu

    Now only $ 160

    A brand new Xenforo license now costs only $ 160. If I remember wrong did it cost $ 300 a few weeks ago?
  7. Has something happened, before when you logged in there were always at least 2 licenses for sale but the last few weeks no one sells anymore. What has happened?
  8. What extension is needed for a discussion forum, I have looked at extensions but it is so expensive. If you want some plus a chat extension, it costs over $ 180 plus the license itself.
  9. One last question, if you want a different theme or plugins, does everything cost?
  10. Okay, are you here around 20:00? Must be home from work now but log in when I'm home.
  11. I joined xenforo forum but they are weird there, to ask you have to verify with a code you bought liecense for
  12. Ok, I have a forum on phpbb but how do I convert it to Xenforo?

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