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  1. And still heard feck all other then when I chased, finance team is very bizzy ! Really
  2. what versions of 4 can you download ? ie publishing suite ?
  3. Sales say yes its transferable Now is the transfer process listed anywhere ?? or what are the next steps ? Blue
  4. Will do Mate Email with licence details sent to VB Sales, but not bak in till Monday
  5. https://extralicense.com/threads/official-vbulletin-guide-to-purchasing-second-hand-licenses.454/ You as the seller provided the details, buyer checks with vb support, if all is well then move to transfer, else ........... Simples
  6. I say again That pic show nuffin ! No licence key hashed email address nuffin ! You joined the site yesterday now come on
  7. Drop me a pm/ convastation with the details I ask, I'm sorry that image means nuffin there are no detail on it showing anything about your details

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