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  1. send me a paypal invoice and I'll buy it, thanks. detroitcrow @ gmail.com
  2. bro are u there ? i want pay for vbulletin license now. thx

  3. Opps I posted this in the wrong section, Sorry admin/mods.
  4. I'm looking to sell my two licenses for the social networking script called Social Engine (socialengine.com) The sale is for the account housing the licenses. You'll get 2x SocialEngine 4.7.0 and every plugin SE makes. These plugins can be installed on each/both socialengine licenses. Photo Albums 4.7.0 Blogs 4.7.0 Chat & IM 4.7.0 Classifieds 4.7.0 Events 4.7.0 Groups 4.7.0 Forums 4.7.0 Music sharing 4.7.0 Polls 4.7.0 Video sharing 4.7.0 Mobile 4.7.0 I'd like $500 for everything (both licenses and all plugins)
  5. Hello, I am starting my own business and I need all the extra cash I can scrape together.. Forum + Resource + Post Ratings + Showcase + Zen Media Gallery + Social Connect Purchased: Mar 18, 2013 Support/updates end: Mar 18, 2014 License Validation Token 88402080965363a6e37c0687ea11a285 All items will go to the buyer, I will not part out any items. $175 Thanks, Crow
  6. I'd like to unload my vB license. The sale comes with the following.... I'll also give the buyer my vBSEO License... $125
  7. I am selling my vB stuff as a package deal only, will not split it up. All accounts are active. For sale are my copies of : vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite (Also includes vB3.x) (Retail $249) vBulletin Facebook App (Retail $99) vBseo (Retail $149) If you can tell me how to find out, when these expire I'll update this with that information.. (Retail cost: $500) $300 O.B.O (Paypal)

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