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  1. On the other thread it tells you, it's with Namecheap so it would be an instant transfer. (If you have a namecheap account)
  2. Ahh, I posted a new thread not that long ago with updates domains here: http://extralicense.com/threads/domains-for-sale-based-around-minecraft-to-the-most-part.2055/ I'll sell pvp.bz for $15.
  3. Actually, at $60 it'd be just like buying it brand new and I wouldn't want a license if I had to use your account. I talked with WHMCS and it's a $20 license transfer fee so that'd be pretty much the same thing as buying it brand new. No thanks, I'm not interested anymore, I just bought it directly from WHMCS.
  4. I'll buy it for $55 but how do you transfer license's for it any ways?
  5. Is the WHMCS Live Chat for Multiple Sites? If it's just one, you've marked up the base fee of it. EDIT: Never mind, I saw that you said the normal price is $159.95 so I'm assuming it's the single one according to their sites prices. You can get a single life time version of it for about $90 at whmcs.com
  6. I really wish I could edit my forum post.. Anyways, I forgot to post when they expire and who they're hosted by; mcstatus.org - February 2014, http://name.com mc-servers.us (I know I have this...but I can't find it so I guess not, hah) bitdrive.us - July 2014, http://name.com serverlist.co - September 2014, http://name.com novafactions.net - December 2014, http://name.com withercloud.com - September 2014, http://name.com mc-td.com - November 2014, http://name.com hg-servers.com - January 2015, http://name.com pvp.io - October 2014, http://iwantmyname.com I believe it's $35 to transfe
  7. I'm terribly sorry as I was super inactive and I'm sorry for double posting but I can't seem to edit my old post, any ways...here's an updated list of domains for sale and I apologize for any one wanting to buy any and I haven't responded to any one. I never got any emails from the site. Hello, domains I have for sale are the following; mcstatus.org, mc-servers.us, bitdrive.us, serverlist.co, novafactions.net, withercloud.com, mc-td.com, hg-servers.com, pvp.io, classpvp.com, cuntcraft.com, huycraft.com, polapvp.com, pvp.bz, sspvp.com Please post reasonable offers, I'll do some for c
  8. Some domains I have up for sale , very unsure on the prices but just post the domain(s) you want with an offer and I'll accept , decline or say the price I want. (Most likely will take offers as long as they're reasonable) classpvp.com huycraft.com (huy means Belgium in french) polapvp.com pvp.bz sspvp.com mcstatus.org
  9. Hello, I purchased the domain name via name.com for a Minecraft Voting website...as I have recently acquired one pre-made with the domain I no longer need mcstatus.org. First come first serve, offer below or in PM.
  10. I've had my XenForo License for almost two years now, It needs to be renewed again for an extra year of support / updates on May 26, 2013. The XenForo license has been great to me and I love it, but I am no longer in need of using it as I'm going to revamp my whole site soon. I'm only accepting PayPal as the payment, PM to offer and or buy. I'm not exactly sure how you can transfer your license or how to prove that I have it as the post I read to post in to prove you own it is locked :/ EDIT: This is no longer for sale, I have sold the license.

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