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  1. (The license has to be active for it to be transferred, so it will have access to the most recent version.) Liam
  2. This is still available, and is still useful for it's extra features (including the frontend notification center). Liam
  3. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade A license for the Notifications add-on by Chris D 2. When does it expire? I don't believe it does... 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? I'm assuming so. 4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. Looking for £10 Liam
  4. Hi, It would probably make more sense to have two different WTS prefixes in the XenForo forum - one for XenForo itself (which requires a transferable license to select), and one for add-ons (which only requires a valid license). Liam
  5. I have a license available with the resource manager, I'll take the $90?
  6. I'm selling my AD Credits license I'm asking for $25. (You need to have 'a positive reputation' and audentio has to know it...) Thanks, Liam (For some reason, the system isn't letting me use the WTS prefix even after confirming my license)
  7. I purchased this domain a few months ago for a project I was thinking of starting, but I never really got the time to complete it and now I've removed the system. Liam
  8. Stripe has a very good API, so an automated system would work really well with Stripe.
  9. What fees? International transfers are expensive, but national transfers between personal accounts incur no fee.
  10. Just wait the extra 2 months..., it really isn't that long... Liam
  11. I am wanting a XenForo license, as cheap as possible. If the license has expired, I'll pay the renewal fee and $10 for the license. Otherwise, I'll pay up to $50.
  12. Seller goes to escrow page and creates a new sell. Includes amount, PayPal address, who they're selling to etc... Buyer send PayPal funds to the forum escrow email, and the escrow system detects this. Adds the funds to the system. Seller sends licenses. Buyer clicks button to release payment. Payment sent to seller via an API. (Obviously, those API's may not exist yet...)

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