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  1. I've just realised that the VBSEO licenses can be sold, and although expired, can be renewed for $35 or something. So I have about 15 of those too. Offers considered as I genuinely don't know the going rate to be honest.
  2. Some screen shots for you. You'll have to excuse them, I was dodging license numbers and domains as I don't have time to blur things out right now I'd have to boot up another computer etc. As you can see it's not a new account, and there are even some old VB3 licenses on there from back in the day.
  3. I have several vBulletin licenses either available to sell right now (as I've ported over to XenForo already) or coming up for sale very soon (for the forums I haven't ported over yet due me either still testing that particular forum, a plugin not quite working right, or something else - but I will be getting rid of VB fully). vB Forum Only Licenses x 8 vB Suite Licenses x 7 (one has the Mobile Publisher iPhone and Android app license too - another has the Facebook app - pretty sure I bought that, the others don't have it, I've never used it though I'm afraid). vB Connect 5 license x 1 - it doesn't cut the mustard for me. Hence me jumping ship. None of the above expire. One of the forum-only licenses has a blog that I purchased, but you can't actually use it on the forum. Classic vBulletin for you. All have vBSEO licenses tagged to them, but since the last vBSEO release was in 2011, they've actually expired only a month or so ago, and I'm not buying obsolete old outdated not-worked-on software. It's too servicer intensive for the few benefits it gives you anyway, you probably don't need that these days. I'm open to offers on a group buy, or failing that what's the going rate on 2nd-hand individual licenses? Like 20% less their cost price or something maybe? You'll have to give me a clue on that one. I have both suites and forum-only available right now as I type, at least 2 or 3 of each. Not the one with the mobile app though, which is a suite, right now. That'll be the last forum transfered over while we work on network-wide BYO Tapatalk apps instead, which members love by the way. I'd be quite happy to send you screen shots of my account, or post in the vb license owners only forum, or whatever.
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