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  1. Hello, i'm working on services for offshore web hosting / resellers / shoutcast the topic saids, free and cheap yes - so how does this work? P2H - Post 2 Host is our way to help anyone that needs free services and can't pay in real money.. PayPal - We only selling Hosting at $1.99/mo / Bitcoin as well Offshore - the services is in RU so anything goes (just read our TOS) WHM Resellers Hosting - We will pick any lucky person here to get free WHM reseller account if he is her is active lot (no ads require) Shoutcast Services - Now, here is a issue here, We can give them out freely If you willing to p2h or allow our ads on ur site or we can work out a deal ( this goes for any services we have) If you wish not to do p2h/paypal/bitcoin then we can work out a yearly deal or deal you like to offer.. Pm me if you wish to become a client today p.s we are also looking to hire staff for our site and sales/promo as well few other things we are doing.. Staff will be paid or get free services without having to p2h or pay.. thanks
  2. This listing has been removed and is no longer available for viewing.
  3. 9. Transfer of Ownership. Transferring ownership of your purchased license is prohibited unless written permission is obtained from CLIENTEXEC. Only owners with active support will be able to transfer ownership. The cost to the new owner will be of the amount of $25 USD. If you received a discount when purchasing your version of ClientExec you will not be approved transfer. Purchase had to be full price before staff will agree to transfer request. Please submit a support ticket for these requests. so yes, but i will have to renew the support then.. and then i will pay the other fee that is $25 and let u know when that is done.. lets put this on hold.. other then that, if u want it, then it's yours (On Hold)
  4. no support, it expired but- i can pay that soon, how ever, ownership verification, i can post a image for you. here you go:
  5. TheCrow submitted a new listing: [plain]WHMSonic - WHMSonic Owned License[/plain] - [plain]WHMSonic - WHMSonic Owned License[/plain] Learn more about this listing...
  6. TheCrow submitted a new listing: [plain]ClientExec - ClientExec Owned License[/plain] - [plain]ClientExec - ClientExec Owned License[/plain] Learn more about this listing...
  7. TheCrow

    HostBill License

    Hello, i have HostBillApp its not as new but still working and as lifetime license .. let me know.. i have proof [MEDIA=imgur]ABIeO1T[/MEDIA] Service Details [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Domain[/TD] [TD] Demo.com [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Status[/TD] [TD]Active[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Registration Date[/TD] [TD]2012-09-27[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Billing Cycle[/TD] [TD]One Time[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Let me know.. Thanks
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