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  1. German-American, lol. I think it's perfectly allowed, actually. I see expired licenses sold here frequently- and expired does mean they are non-transferable.
  2. Sure thing. To be fair though, this did expire on March 19th of this year- so just about two months ago. It is actually quite recent in terms of any important updates.
  3. The license is expired and is therefore non-transferable. However, all account information for that XenForo customer will be transferred to the buyer.
  4. Sure thing! Right now the license is associated with the domain Account Suspended and the 3rd party validation token is 202ce44826f752bea8d37f5790905fb
  5. Tauschen submitted a new listing: [plain]Selling Just-Expired License[/plain] - [plain]Selling Just-Expired License[/plain] Learn more about this listing...
  6. Tauschen


    Hi there! I'm new too <3
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