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  1. This has now been sold and feedback has been left. Thanks very much Cyclone.
  2. Here you go mate, i have blanked out the customer number and my name due to being put on this live site. But you can see from the date and time in the bottom right i have just taken the screenshot.
  3. Not done this before but from watching other threads sounds pretty easy. You just need to pay the £90 into my PayPal and once that is showing i can start the transfer. The details Vbulletin have asked for is: In order to transfer the license we require to have the following details of the new party: ::: - Full name - Full Address - Country - Telephone number - Billing address - Valid and working Email address Before transferring the license, we will email the prospective new owner the details of the license. Once we receive confirmation from them, the license transfer will occu
  4. I see your in the same country as me and in the same area pretty much just across the water so it would be pounds we are talking. Yes it is transferable i have contacted the vbulletin team and they have told me what i need to provide ect to carry out the transfer and thats basically yours and my details which they will then send you an email for you to confirm you have purchased the licence from me ect. Well i agreed to $140 which is roughly £90. I am only selling because i want to move to XenForo so i will need to add a bit to the £90 to get that licence. In the list of downloads in my
  5. Hi Cyclone If you mean vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite then yes, don't think vbulletin 5 has one yet.
  6. This is still available, the person above has not got back to me.
  7. I have my Vbulletin 5 licence for sale on here but would be happy to also swap it for an up to date xenForo licence instead. So if anyone would do this please get in touch. Thank you.
  8. I have a Vbulletin 5 licence for sale, i have only had it since about February 2013 but totally lost interest in it and want to buy a XenForo licence instead. I am after £150 If anyone is interested just let me know. Thank you.

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