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  1. Thanks! It was quite a quick and painless experience. It is nice knowing there are still trustworthy people out there.
  2. Pending with Wajdan. Will let you all know the outcome.
  3. Okay, just got word from vB.com that my license can be transferred.
  4. The theme will also be included. It is a DigitalVB premium theme. Well, free plus Premium CMS theme. It wasn't much, but I will have no need for it. Willing to consider all reasonable offers. *shameless bump*
  5. I am a Mac guy through and through. I run my MacMini in my living room as a webserver, htpc, and minecraft server. Although a little confusing at first, the Server app for Mac isn't too bad. It doesn't give you access to a full cpanel type interface. But, if you know how to install php and MySQL yourself (which you should, being here) it isn't bad at all. I use a freeDNS server and GoDaddy to point my domain. It works pretty smooth. I converted 100% about eight years ago. I am pretty okay with it. Nothing you can do on a PC that I can't do on my Mac. And if you think there is, Parallels wil
  6. I run just Apache on my server. Have my server hosted out of my living room, kind of sketch. But, it works.
  7. I have an owned vBulletin 4.x license. It has been owned by me since 2002. It should be transferrable. It has never been transferred before. I was trying to trade it for a Xenforo license, but I didn't get any responses. So, I am just going to try and sell it. I am looking for $120 OBO. My member's area details as of today are: Paypal or BitCoin is my preferred method of payment. My website that has been failing throughout the years is http://www.technonook.com I am not sure if it matters to block out member information anymore. If anyone requests it, I can post an unedited imag
  8. I have an owned vB 4 CMS license that I would be interested in trading for a Xenforo license. The license has only ever been owned by me, has been in my possession since December 2002. I was looking for a Xenforo license plus a small sum of cash to equal it out. Everything is negotiable. My current site is www.technonook.com. If any information is needed, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for viewing!

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