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  1. I have made the purchase. Just waiting for the individual to send me the account.
  2. will you take 70 dollars for this? I will take the entire account.
  3. License is bought but needs to be transferred. By tomorrow the deal should be finalized.
  4. The transfer can be done after I receive the payment. I will put in a ticket to vbulletin for the transfer.
  5. Just to let you know that you need to wait 90 days before transferring the license.. :x
  6. Still up for grabs. I will go down to 135 dollars for this license.
  7. No it's full money on PayPal deal. I still have the license
  8. I do have a VB5 up for sale for $150 Plus VB5 has all versions included: VB 4 and VB3
  9. Still selling this license. It is going for $150 now.
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