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  1. Thank you for the smooth deal Fethi.dz Thread can be locked.
  2. Thank you for the help Kirk & Extralicense. I would still like Fethi.dz to confirm the completion in this thread. (For future reference)
  3. I have received $100 and sent the required details to vBulletin.
  4. Next step will be to give me your personal details as well as payment of $100 through paypal. I'll send you more info in PM.
  5. Minimum $100 sorry. Changed the fixed price to $100. Whoever bids first gets it. I don't take bids for anything less.
  6. Do you have anyone that you could recommend?
  7. What is the best ways to prevent chargebacks when selling forum licenses. Buying / selling second hand forum licenses is risky for both sellers and buyers. But I think even more so for sellers. It would be very nice with some information on how to make deals smoother and safer for both parties.
  8. Yes if no body manages to outbid you before we finish the deal. Please lets continue the discussion in private messages. I've sent you a PM. To others: The vb4 license is still for sale until I report otherwise!
  9. Hello, I am selling my vB 4 license. It includes all current and all future versions of vB 4 and vB 3. This is a lifetime license. Which means you'll receive all future updates for free for an endless period. You will also be eligible to upgrade to vB 5 for a "upgrade discount". This license is eligible for transfer. Confirmed by vBulletin staff in a support ticket. If you buy this, I will send in all the required information to make a full ownership transfer. And as a buyer you'll receive your own vBulletin account with your own license attached to it. Just as if you bought it direct

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