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  1. I am looking to buy vbulletin 4.x I got a fraps and wow account that I will give as payment, u can sell or do what ever with em add me on skype @ davelocke1990 or email @ for more info on each.
  2. Thinking about having a vbulletin license

  3. Sup guys, I am really in need of a vb license and I am dead broke, I do however have a world of warcraft account with tons of exclusive shit, such as mounts from special events, purchased pets from the shop, and some chars, I have a level 85 and a level 56 and a level 36, DK, Rogue, and Pally, the DK is level 85, and he has around 15k in gold atm, he has the double passenger rocket mount with him. and travelers tundra mount, this account had ACTIVE gametime, and had every expansion including cataclysm collector addition, if your interested, please contact me via email @ or