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  1. Do you have license vb5 + suite / mobile + no branding (prefer european), I am interested to buy it .. Pls contact with me through forum / PM or u may also email me at shining.iceberg@gmail.com

  2. give me your paypal email and send new screenshot for license
  3. Business Man posted a new classified: [plain]looking for vb 3.8.7 + Mobile[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  4. i have only 25$ dollar tell me if you want
  5. i will give you 60$ (paypal) and waht is that mean ? (How Much Is the Transfer Fee ) 45$ !
  6. where is the middleman ? anyway i will pay you 70$ Directly on Paypal this my Offer Accepted or ignore it also i must pay the Mobil site for vbulletin and this will cost me more money
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