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  1. Hi, i want to sell or trade my license, u can use up to 2.0.1 version (u can also use the 1.6.7 version), it have Footer Link Removal to, the license is expired, the reason i sell it is because i dont use it anymore.
  2. you like to play online games? if so, want to trade your vb license for my guildwars 2 account? im trusted 100%, this is my profile on elitepvpers forums, http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/members/4850124-nostradamus2012.html
  3. Hey, i want to trade my GuildWars 2 account for vbuletin 3.8.x or 4.x.x license. It have one lvl 80 Thief (human) , i can provide everything u need to change login password, ill give you the key i used on this account, if anyone is intrested send me a pm
  4. would you trade for a GuildWars 2 account?
  5. first of all, my english is not perfect , sorry about that, my first lang is not english, i speak 3 langs and that afects u alot.., but anyways i will start with give you some sugestions, "What i would do with this forum in your place?" (im 28 years old) well, if you want to make a big comunity, if u want to make your forum intresting, i would change the name of the domain directly, i would create a new domain, the new name will be about "computer/internet/pc/games, hardware, os" something based in "computers/internet" an universal domain name for pc/games/online/repair, ill make this forum not just for selling secondhand licenses, but ill make it universal: 1st Category: Hardware sub-category: Processors (Intel, AMD, VIA...) sub-category: Graphics Cards (ATi, NVIDIA, SiS, MATROX, 3DLabs...) sub-category: Motherboards (Chipsets and Motherboards) sub-category: Computers assembly - Internal Components (here threads about "i want an 500$ pc, please help me with a config") this will be the core of your forum sub-category: Peripherals - Accessories sub-category: Monitors 2nd Category: Storage sub-category: Magnetic and electronic units (HD, RAID, Backup, Compact Flash, Smart Media, Secure Digital, MMC...) sub-category: Optical Drives and consumables (CD / DVD and consumables.) 3rd Category: Portable devices sub-category: Laptops: Support (Having problems with your laptop?. This is your section. Problems S.O. and software has its own section.) sub-category: Laptops: Commercial models and news (Dell or Toshiba? MacBook Pro or MacBook?? Discuss the latest models appeared on the market.) and the list can continue with new categorys for secondhand licenses, overclock, game section, im not going to write all the categorys, would take me one years haha, but u understand what i mean my opinion about this fourm is, a good forum, is a nice idea, but this will not bring you 100000 users on the forum, because is focused in selling and buying licenses, this is my opinion, i could be wrong finaly, i think that if you want to bring here more users, u have to convert the forum in pc/hardware/games/buy/sell(game accounts, licenses, etc), now i bet that would be hard to manage so many sections, but i think that if u rly want to start something like that, with some effort u will get something intresting thats what im trying to make myself, but will not be an english forums hehe, i will make it in my native lang i hope u take this as an sugestion, if u dont like it.., i respect your opinion
  6. you still have this? if so, can you tell me what versions can be installed, can be transfered? is expired?
  7. Jamie im intrested, ThisBoss is trading with another guy make some screenshots with the proof pls, this is my email horicam[at]gmail.com, lets talk about your license
  8. you said that you are agree with 38€ (50$) on paypal?
  9. omg , right now im talking with ThisBoss , he wants to sell me one license to for 50$
  10. hi how much you want for it? can you post the pics proof of the license?
  11. hi Jamie, very good price, but i cant offer more, right now its all i got on my paypal account, 38€ wich is 50$
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