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  1. Hi As you are interested i'll happily take you up on the £75. If you can send £75 to billys1995@ymail.com through paypal then reply to this topic stating payment has been sent i can then check my paypal account and complete the licence transfer process. Kind Regards Will.
  2. Someone please make take me up on the offer, really was looking to have sold this a long time ago £75 anyone with me paying the paypal fee?
  3. Okay, still waiting for a buyer so i'm going to lower this to the bargain price of £90 / $136.50 I'll pay the paypal fee. Really looking to sell this licence.
  4. I am aware that you don't require addons, however i can sell you the deal below for $150 (with you paying the paypal fees). http://www.extralicense.com/threads/ip-board-licence-ip-nexus-20-user-chat-upgrade-skin.988/ This deal includes, IP Board, IP Chat (20 user upgrade until November 2013), IP Calendar, IP Nexus and a Skin, all for $150. If you're interested, please let me know, i've already had to deal with one timewaster.
  5. Okay, licence still available, thanks to a timewaster. Offers between the $150 - $200 mark will be considered (with the buyer paying the paypal fees). Looking for a minimum of £90 GBP as this licence cost me so much more to buy not very long ago.
  6. Sorry, have just checked and IP content is an additional $50 and then $15 to renew.
  7. Thank you for the interest. The licence is transferrable via two methods, the first is the best one, as it costs nothing, quite simply after receiving payment i give you the username and password to login to the account, you can then change these as you wish. The second option will cost either of us, $20, IPS can transfer the licences to your account over at IPS, however as mentioned this will cost $20. Now it is of course up to you, but i don't really see the point in paying $20 for something you can do yourself (or effectively getting the licences through a different method but wit
  8. Please see my ad here, i can sell you the whole lot for $190. http://extralicense.com/threads/ip-board-licence-ip-nexus-20-user-chat-upgrade-skin.988/ I would sell you just the license, but since i can only transfer the items by transferring the account, I can't do that as you'd have access to all of my other applications that i have purchased.
  9. I currently have the following for sale. IP Board Licence (paid $174.99) IP Chat 20 user upgrade (Valid until November 2013) (paid $19.99) IP Nexus (paid $49.99) Executive skin (paid $20) So that's $264.97 worth of stuff, the licence for both IP Board and IP Nexus also expires November 2013. I'm looking for a price of about $21o, a saving of $54.97 from buying new. The licences still have 9 months remaining and will cost $25 each to renew in November 2013. Any offers please email me at billys44501@gmail.com, but please no silly offers. Payable through paypal.

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