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  1. What about this? By buying, selling, or trading an item, you are entering into a legal, binding contract with the other party. Failure to pay for or provide the goods that you have listed will be considered a fraudulent act and could be reported to the appropriate authorities. See this thread for more info. And once you signup it says authorities will be contacted?
  2. Well fuck my live i saved so long for this and then this. Will extralicence take legal steps as well like with cops etc?
  3. I send it through BTC and it got 70+ confirmations allready
  4. I assume i just got scammed since he aint replying anymore to. It sux worked my ass off to get the money i saved up for a really long time to be able to purchase a licence. Edit: will edit once i get a reply from the op
  5. I received a confirmation screenshot as well from the seller and it said it met the requirements and could be transfered.
  6. Yes it said dat on his licence verify key to and @ transfer it said yes that it could be transfered.
  7. The licence can be transferred i checked his validation key.
  8. I am dealing with this user right now i send him the money allready still no licence will update once i received the licence
  9. reddington posted a new classified: [plain]Buying xenforo licence[/plain] Read more about the classified...

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