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  1. I don't expect I will get any interest but will open this to offers at any price range.
  2. ChrisM2017 posted a new classified: [plain]Selling unusual domain names[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  3. This license has sold. Can't say thankyou enough to the buyer for such a smooth transaction and for trusting me to sell without the middle man service! AAA++++ Buyer. Very nice buyer, fast and honest. Can't ask for more when selling a license. Apologies for the confusion and for wasting the time of buyers who were interested, but someone offered me to buy it today and so I went with their offer as my credit card expires on the 1st of June and my credit card company hasn't sent my replacement card, so I needed the money to hit my PayPal today so I could transfer it today, so it would be in
  4. Hi. Kirk is not responding. I already have positive feedback from a successful transaction. If your willing to trust me I can send you my PayPal address, and you can send me your full name and e-mail address( Xenforo needs this info to transfer the license) and once you deposit the payment I willl send the information to Xenforo and they will transfer the license to you. I have decided to sell for $50. If your still interested in buying for $50 and paying the PayPal fees then PM me and we can have this concluded today. Thanks.
  5. I checked with Xenforo and my license is transferable. Anyone want it?
  6. Thanks for your concern. I am fine. Luckily caught it early. Ok. I have another two people interested but I guess first in first served. I have submitted a ticket with Xenforo as someone was asking me if it was transferable. I am assuming it is because I was able to post here after submitting my token. Anyway I will wait to see what Xenforo says. Due to the time difference here in Australia, and how that negatively affects my ability to communicate with people in the UK and US, I will probably be slow replying, but hopefully I can get the whole procedure cleared at my end within 24 ho
  7. Hi. So far I have gotten a lot of interest but nobody has initiated the middle man service. You need to PM Kirk if your a buyer wanting to purchase it as I can't initiate it. The license is still for sale. Sorry about the late reply I had a minor medical emergency( had a melanoma removed from my neck) and I also was tossing up whether to keep it. But as I need the money badly, I have to sell. Still for sale at $50 + $10 ($60).Thanks.
  8. I have never transferred Xenforo before so am unsure of the procedure. You have to contact an extra license admin and they will explain how to fill out a form that allows them to facilitate the middle man service which prompts the seller and buyer through the process. I have a few people interested, I guess whomever submits the form first can have it. Thanks.
  9. I can go down to $50 plus $10 extra license middle man fee so total $60. I don't think Xenforo charge fees to transfer but you would have to check. Looking to sell asap.
  10. I already have someone interested but so far no commitment. PM an offer or go through the extra license middleman service. I don't have the money to use Skype, it will eat up too much of my pre-paid internet. Thanks.

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