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  1. Are you the original buyer? Second hand licenses unfortunately can't be transferred. If you're the original buyer and it's still available please PM me.
  2. Price dropped to $225 to be exactly 50% of the original price.
  3. ChrisTERiS posted a new classified: [plain]IPS 4 for Sale[/plain] Optional Extras in a very low price Read more about the classified...
  4. $220 (including transfer fees). A month ago I sold the same package but with Commerce including at $200, so the price is fair. Also the license will expires in less than 2 months and don't know if within this period they'll release the stable 4.2 version.
  5. If you plan to upgrade to new 5.0 then is not good option for your as you must pay $150 for renewal ($69.99, $39.99, $39.99) while a new license costs $190. If you're ok with version 4.0.3 then I can sell them for $85 and I'll give you the Blog for free.
  6. If you're interesting start a convertation
  7. ChrisTERiS posted a new classified: [plain]WBB 4.0.13 for Sale[/plain] Forum, Blog, Gallery, and many commercial AddOns like Shop, Lexicon, Bug Tracker etc Read more about the classified...
  8. ChrisTERiS posted a new classified: [plain]IPB Suite[/plain] Forum, Blog, Commerce, Downloads, Pages Read more about the classified...

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