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  1. Hi Bendrop - i am interested in the license for 620$ plus i am paying the transfer fee.
  2. Arturius posted a new classified: [plain]WHMCS Owned License - No Branding[/plain] 500-600$ Read more about the classified...
  3. Usually after opening a ticket WHMCS is pretty easy on it - did you try opening a ticket with them?
  4. can you follow the steps laid out in the extra license forum for whmcs ? would be great - i'd buy the licence as soon as a transfer van be done via whmcs. thansk
  5. sorry for the typo: Do you know the actual price for Upgrading to the latest verison + can you verify the transferability (via whmcs)?
  6. Do you know that actual proce for Upgrading to the latest verison + can you verify the transferability (via whmcs)?
  7. Hi @maxxim1412 want to buy. Quick Questions: Licence still for sale? Which Version? How long is support still active?
  8. I would buy it directly - even with bitcoin - if it would be a 30$ product.. but since the asking price is 12 x that - i need some sort of risk minimisation @primo . If you dont do paypal - then you probably cant do, as an alternative, ebay as well? Just asking ? May i ask why the aversion to paypal?
  9. Hey @Kirk no that was in response that @primo does not want to take a "risk" in using the escrow service you provide..
  10. thanks. Second part i dont get - this service is on this page - i pay them right away you log on to whmcs make the transfere, write that you did so - and @Kirk (Kirk) unlocks the money. as for taking risks - no one needs to take any risks in making business - that includes me.

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