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  1. thanks for the answers. I can't tell you how much to ask for this. I believe this can be sold for $ 115?
  2. HI Bro, Am interested for the same. Please reply me with your best offer for a QUICK SELL to [email]dash.pradeep@hotmail.com[/email] Thanks and Regards Pradeep

  3. I'm giving up XenForo license because this is no longer the need to use. Contact us if you are interested! Thank you!
  4. Hey, Are you still interested in XenForo license? I have for sale! I do not need anymore
  5. Is there a XenForo license for sale and what version of XenForo?
  6. Rickard posted a new classified: [plain]XenForo 2 license[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  7. Hi, I would be interested in buying the IPS Core + Forum + Pages + Commerce license. Is it still on sale?
  8. okay, fine that you understand. Yes, the program also paid me a lot, so I do not want to give it a "prayer". If you pay me $ 100 -> EUR 84.94 so I am content store. I'm not German, I'm Finnish -> F1 Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen Germany is a wonderful country Best regards, RR
  9. Thanks for the answer. I understand, of course, that the price is too high, but it does not cost because it is not a technology product. Yes it costs more than $140 because it comes with taxes. If a little can flex so $117,73 (€100) I find a reasonable price. We are certainly both satisfied if you pay $117.73 Here are the details when I have bought a license Xenforo PURCHASE DETAILS ---------------- XenForo - $ 140.00 ----- Sub-Total: $ 140.00 VAT (24%): $ 33.60 Total: $173.60 Thank you! Best regards, RR
  10. offer the price, thank you. How much would you pay?
  11. Rickard posted a new classified: [plain]Selling my XenForo license[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  12. Hmm, yes, it might be $ 120 that I would like for this license. This includes the IPS forum license + Magnum theme and add-ons. There is a $20.00 fee to transfer a license, but I pay license fee I am selling a license the first time, I do not know yet how to proceed. Do you have a tip?

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