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  1. Price has been updated. 55usd for quick sale.
  2. do take note that this license needs to be reactivated in order for it to be transferable. cost for renewal is 55usd for 12mths. Another way would be i pass the new owner the email and password .
  3. Ghost submitted a new listing: [plain]Wts xenforo license[/plain] - [plain]Wts xenforo license[/plain] Learn more about this listing...
  4. U dont even bother to drop a reply back. This is the vb5 connect with mobile suite. 85usd without fees. Transfer fee is 45usd. Or i could just pass u the email and password
  5. The previous time i send u the invoice. You didnt even bother to pay.
  6. This is still for sale. looking at $100USD without transfer fees
  7. no thanks. thanks for getting the ID and then changing ur mind.

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