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  1. This classified has been marked as sold and cannot be reopened. Don't forget to leave each other Feedback
  2. this is my bitcoin address for your reference 16fyxXtuGfUAAuWZZs3SC1tW5CNZXiJwJc it seems you are familiar with bitcoin, so i'm sure you can consider it is scam address or not
  3. i understand your doubt but i will not selling a non-refundable item with a refundable payment if you don't trust me, you are free to find another seller
  4. you can read the full thread here : WTB - Buying WHMCS / Blesta / Clientexec Owned License if you want to verify directly to whmcs, you can find the ticket number in my screenshot above or in those thread
  5. primo posted a new classified: [plain]WHMCS Owned License No Branding (unbranded)[/plain] [spoiler=renew/extend][ATTACH=full]1922[/ATTACH] Read more about the classified...
  6. can you use bitcoin? i have no paypal, so i can accept payment through bitcoin only it doesn't matter if buyer send payment via paypal to you as long as you send payment to me via bitcoin
  7. i'm sorry since whmcs stated in their TOS : All transfers are final and cannot be reversed so i don't take any risk no escrow - bitcoin only take it or leave it and about ticket number, it's still the same as you can read Pregie Amor Garin post above i'm sure it means the license can be upgraded to the latest version
  8. Hi Primo - saw in another thread that you offer a WHMCS licence (unbranded) is that still on offer?

    1. primo


      yes it's still available

    2. Arturius


      great :) a few questions: can you verify that this license can be upgraded to the latest version ? do you know by chance how much that would be? and lastle i would like to buy it via the man in the middle services on this page (or do you have an alternative?)

  9. whmcs unbranded expired support and updates (you can renew it later) $380 transfer fee included bitcoin only

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