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  1. Okay, on it. Sorry for the mistake, I was honestly not aware of it. It was nice meeting you btw, you seem like a nice guy. I'll just pay for my mistake I suppose.
  2. Okay, so should I send you the $25? You have access to the account and can request a license transfer as well.
  3. "Okay. Btw, license transfer costs $49." Read back, I told you this before you paid. I wouldn't have told you if you wanted a refund if I was here to scam you. I'd just disappear otherwise. So just tell me what you want to do. I'm at the point of just issueing a refund.
  4. I don't pretty much care, I'm not here to play around. I accept my mistake. I wanted to profit $100, not $50. Ask anyone, the license transfer fee is $49. That will leave me with 50 (excluding the PayPal fees, which leaves me with like 45 since you paid 60 then 40). Do you want a refund? Or? Like I said, I'm not paying the transfer fee. So decide what you want to do.
  5. I told you like 3 times that the license transfer fee is $49, you ignored those messages.
  6. Like I said, selling a $249 license for $50 is just dumb. I'm not honoring a mistake. I do accept it however.
  7. If you don't want to edit the license details, then I don't know what to do.
  8. I never agreed to pay for the license transfer, I made a simple mistake on the thread. It's not my site. I bought the license from a friend, he just temporarily put it on that site. He doesn't reply on Skype, he's probably out for the holidays. Do you want a refund or what?
  9. The best I can do is issue a refund if you do not want to pay for the license transfer.
  10. So if I list my house for $5,000, but made a mistake by forgeting a zero. I'm forced to sell my house for $5,000? I don't think so. I accept my mistake, but I'm not giving a license that costs 4 times more than what I'll be getting.
  11. It was a mistake. Do you really expect me to receive only $50 from a $249 license? I gave you the account details already.
  12. Hello, interested in buying vBulletin license. Contact me

  13. _Kevin_ posted a new classified: [plain]vBulletin License For $100 USD | All Versions Available For Download |[/plain] Read more about the classified...

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