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  1. Hello, I have not had any reply message, as I said before we can do the business I have no problem with giving the account and to perform the tests and changes of domain for your license, just give me an email to change mine, so You can enter and make the changes, then make the payment to paypal, the important thing is to verify that you can download files and change the domain to get your license.
  2. social engine change admin dashboard here is my account , only you give me your email and then you can enter and do all change do you need, then you can go payment to me in paypal, i think you not answer because is different time in your country here is 4:51 pm right now
  3. 1) you give me your email to use enter in account social engine. i change my email to your email. 2) is full version se4 php 3) im can good faith to you , for you enter change domain and activate you social engine in your site without problem, but if you not install you social engine yet i cant wait a lot of time to you install app, you installed you social engine now to only set license and test right now?
  4. We not make a transfer i give to you my account for a better price then you change all domain and email without problem , the firts time a set domain etenbuy.com now is bktgames.com you can chance to, they never know if you are another person, of course they tell you not can do this , but the account could be yours. remember i pass my account to you that is the reason the price is better low, im not use now , trust me you can chance domain and email to activate in your site i doing two times
  5. Hi I have not heard from you since yesterday, we can complete the transaction , i sell you in 150$ in the before message i put the paypal account, i wait if you need anything else
  6. Ok well not tranfer i have to give you the account and you change domain and email to came the owner that all , well this is my account paypal ryanlark83@gmail.com you send 150$ and then i pass my account, or if you wanna you pass me you email and i change account to you, i wait...
  7. When selling i give to you account social engine to enter and change domain and config do you need email, etc.. question: you only can 150$? i know and im not used but..
  8. Well in this case the price can i sell only social engine license can be 300$, Anyway is available everything else we talked about, but if you need only social engine I see no problem selling it
  9. for thanksgiving days i wanna gift to you my account cometchat to, because you can take the better use, that licence is 5.1, I cost 400 $ at that time, but I would leave it free for your purchases, as I said before you would give more use than I
  10. 1) to see list of plugin in the start print you can see , anyway i put in there , date is update about today 2) i can sell all in 540$ paypal 3)i not sure that question, If you are referring to downloading the social engine, you give me the e-mail so that you can enter all the downloads after the purchase, at the moment I could send you an image that supports that I just log in to my social engine account right now, that workings for you? sorry my english is medium
  11. yea vandana i still have it , with all plugins, right now i selling because not used, I would like to sell everything complete, although not interested in all the plugins would have no problem with giving the accounts of hire-experts and socialengineaddons if I give a good proposal, thank you.
  12. ryan lark posted a new classified: [plain]sell my account socialengine 4 php[/plain] Read more about the classified...

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