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  1. Hi, I want to sell my Best 9Gag Clone Script license, ordered on 08 December, includes: Best 9Gag Clone Script (Ultimate Package) - $99 Copyright Removal - $10 Mobile Module - $40 ==> Total: $149. I'm selling all of this account for $99. Please pm me if you interested in. Thanks
  2. Still looking for ... with some mods like Payment Gateways, Smart Plans, NGINX
  3. Yes I am. Please pm me details of current version and your price with and without mods? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I want to buy the XFileSharing license, with some mods like Payment Gateways, Smart Plans, NGINX, ... etc if possible. Please pm your price and proof of owner. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the 1/2 payment! This license has been sold to Jamie! Kind Regards
  6. I got some PMs about they not sure phpFox allow or not allow transfering license to other, and this is the reply from them: They allow this, and the fee is $19:
  7. Hi everyone, *** I'm selling my PhpFox Community License: $299 - Branded - The support + upgrades is expired - You can download Latest Available Version (3.5.1) *** You will also receive these Mods: - Better Mobile (I will send you account): $60 The support is expired but you still can download the latest version of this great mod. http://www.phpfox.pro/modules/better-mobile/ - Toxbox Video Plugin (I will only send you the Mod files): $30 http://cozietech.com/tokbox-videochat-v1-0-for-phpfox-v3-10/ - Present New-Members Settings (I will only send you the mod files): $10
  8. Hi, I want to sell my IPS Community Suite license, includes licenses of 3 premium skins and 1 mod that I purchased: IPS Community Suite: $165 (Still available download: 22 Jul 2013) Mod - Advanced Tags & Prefixes: $17 Skin - Simplify: $10 Skin - Luminous: $15 Skin - Pulse: $15 Total: $222 I'm selling all for only $95, payment via Paypal. - I can send the license first if you are a trusted member, have high iTraders. - If you are a new member, you need to send the payment first. (I will send you all my account to change url, email, info, etc...) If you want to transfer

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