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  1. I've got a copy of aMember Pro membership software I'm not using. It's currently expired, but for $80 you can renew it for a year. It retails for $180 i believe. Asking $50 via paypal for it. You'll save $50 over buying it new, and have a year of updates vs only having 6 months with a new license. If interested, let me know. thanks. http://amember.com for more information about the script.
  2. Sorry for the delay I work 16 hour days so not much free time. I'm off today if you'd like to buy this still and yes it's still available.
  3. The best I can do is a screenshot. Like I said the license is expired. You can submit a ticket to XF and they will update the email address on the account. There aren't any license numbers associated to accounts with XF. Yes you will have access to all the resources. Sorry Paypal only.
  4. Are you still looking? I have an expired license left for sale, it won't be transferable short of you submitting a ticket to have the email changed, but i'd take $60 up front for it and send you the details and you can do whatever you'd like after that with it.
  5. I can sell this for $80 low as I can go on it, buyer still be responsible for the transfer fee.
  6. Awful buyer. Now doing a chargeback. She bought a expired license, is using it on her site and is now trying to do a chargeback.
  7. I'm selling my IP.Board license, includes IP.Content License is active until February 28th, 2013. Must include additional $20 to cover the transfer, or if you wish to simply take over the account and save your $20 thats fine. Price New: 204.25 Asking Price: $125 ($145 total if you have it transferred to your account, otherwise I'm simply going to send you login details and you can do what you want with it.) Proof: http://i.imgur.com/YsubGgb.png
  8. I've got 2 expired licenses for XenForo I'd like to sell. Each one is tied to a different email account I'll send you the login details for the account. Once you get the details you'll have ownership of the account.

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