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  1. I am from India and i am looking for some data centers. Many told me to go with Asia, my current data center is in USA. The latency is around 230-250, but is good. Do you think i should go with Asia or UK data center for better experience?
  2. A PC guy, never used Mac and i think i won't be using it ever
  3. I am a right handed person I tried writing in left but failed badly
  4. Same question..i have an SMF fork forum and i want to know what suits me well.. IPB or Xenforo.
  5. Any update on how the new release is?
  6. So what mode of payment do you accept? And about the transfer fee?
  7. Hmm thanks for the information. I need only Pages and IP.Board, so 150$ is the final price?
  8. Sorry i am new to this, i see ipBoard, Pages and Downloads. So ipboard has forum suite? or is ipboard the core suite and you have two addons in it?
  9. Will you take 80$ for Xenforo?

  10. Confused, whether to buy IPB or Xenforo

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