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  1. Pretty much. I have also sent the money to the OP of the thread, and am requesting a refund seeing that I have already paid to another license on another website. I mixed things up, I'm sorry.
  2. EDIT: okay, nevermind, I apologize, apparently I have forgotten that I posted in another thread in another forum and the owner of THAT license contacted me and got the money. I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. OP, I have already sent the money to you, could you do a refund please?
  3. Again I am terribly sorry and I have contacted PayPal about that matter. In the meantime I will send the real seller another $80.
  4. Oh great so apparently I fell to a scam. I really tight that the guy emailing me was you. Let me do a chargeback.
  5. How long does the license transfer usually take? It's been more than 12 hours since I sent the guy the money.
  6. I'm interested. Please do add me on skype (koebana) or email (kambutarna [at] gmail [dot] com).
  7. Hey, looking to buy a vB 4.x.x license, forum only, no extra stuff. Price is negotiable. Add me on skype, "koebana", or email, "kambutarna [at] gmail [dot] com".
  8. Don't you think that $75 is a bit TOO MUCH for a vb 3.8 license.
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