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  1. Yeah if I still need one by then. Feels like I might. I keep getting offers but it's from super suspicious people so I avoid it lmao. OR they're trying to offer me IPB/VB licenses. I want xf dangit! lol
  2. Disneyland And I pretty much love camping anywhere...
  3. I'd gladly pay $100 if you could somehow guarantee me you'd complete the transfer on August 21st (120 day mark) into my account. I can't just take an account and change an email to call it mine. I'd need original transaction ids in order to finish the transfer into my account otherwise the license is stuck in a sort of limbo, which i don't want
  4. I need to update my email so see these replies! *or check in more often* Dangit... lol
  5. That's sounds awesome but I'd rather it be renewed before payment I didn't expect answers so fast. I was planning to buy by saturday/sunday. If no one else has a better offer, then I may take you up on it - if it's still available by then.
  6. I need one valid and transferable license according to XenForo.com's terms on transferring a license. PM me your price or post here. It needs to have at least one month left on it. I'm not buying any expired licenses. Please be sure to include the token and domain so I can validate it here http://xenforo.com/api/ I can pay via paypal and google checkout. I willing to pay $90 for licenses that are valid 6 months or longer I am willing to pay $80 for anything less than 6 months If there's 1 month left down to 1 week left I am willing to pay $65
  7. 0xy

    "Make an Offer"

    Uhm either I was heavily intoxicated with caffeine or it was never there... >.> I saw it here, http://extralicense.com/threads/whats-your-preferred-webserver.1010/, when I made this post. So I was like If you have a prefix you should mark this as "insane member" or something of that nature. lol
  8. The button in the post but should only be visible in the 'Swap Shop' category in my opinion. Small little thing to worry about but I just felt it's a better idea since I read the off-topic sections and see 'Make an Offer' lol
  9. Dan

    Thx for the donation!!

    1. 0xy


      no problemo :) I figure any sale I make here, then extra license should get a portion of it ^___^

  10. Macs have changed since I last used them. I recently purchased an iMac to start learning to code for iOS and I'm kind of liking it. In all honesty, I still prefer my PC. Everything that I like on the Mac I can probably do with a PC. What I really dig is the trackpad. I've always had serious wrist pain and long hours at the computer just make it 100% worse. The trackpad makes my long hours a lot less painful. Took a few days to get used to. I also like just using cmd+shift+4 to take screen shots of selected areas. It's built in whereas windows requires me to install add-ons. I still th
  11. I wish I had the money and the confidence lmao ^____^ Awesome deal guys
  12. I'd love it but two butt heads have taken up my XF fund for right now. Not to mention I'm too iffy about used xenforo licenses now. I have to say, I ran into less issues on buying used VB licenses ages ago lol.
  13. SO you can leave a negative rating but you can't publicly provide a solution or assistance to me? LMAO and then you go and change the pass.

  14. Woah that was fast... it's gone lmao
  15. I was semi scammed by signal500. I was sold a license that was expired and to be renewed and transferred under my name *I said I'd pay the fee for renewal, but I did need the license at least change to an email I won before I could finish this* Anyways it's 1.1.2 If you feel like risking someone taking it back, because you can't change the email without the original paypal transacation ID (Which signal500 is ignoring my requests for or assistance on) Then feel free to PM me I've no use for something I can't actually use. First come first serve! ALL I needed was the original paypal

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