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  1. Yes, if it's a genuine purchase and can be completed today so I can pay my bills. I'm also in talk with another potential buyer, who has offered the same amount.
  2. I have private messages you over skype with a screenshot of the members area, Thanks.
  3. Can you pm me screenshots of the license please? and what price are you asking?
  4. I currently have a 3.8 license, I've sent you a private message with my skype.
  5. Transfer of the license is complete, just awaiting for the hold on my account to be cancelled.
  6. it has lol, just hoping that he'll lift the hold once it's been transferred later today.
  7. Was all going smooth until @ced couldn't be patient and allow upto 24 hours for the transfer to happen, (which is the minimum time you should allow when buying goods like this) it's been just a few hours, and he's already files a dispute through Paypal.. Not my fault the person who took the ticket is offline and unable to process the transfer until he returns, lol. I'm now with the choice of adding the $100 from my bank back into paypal and refund him and stop the transfer, or go with the flow and hope he cancels the dispute when the transfer has taken place.
  8. Complete rights to the style, once the buyer purchases the style and receives it, it'd be deleted from my computer. Just to add, it's only the vb3 style, I seem to of forgot to download the vb4 images before removing the forum software from my website.
  9. Update: I've received funds from @ced ($100) and have contacted vBulletin to begin the transfer process. They responded to my ticket within minutes, but before the process could be carried out they needed contact details for the buyer, which took a good hour to get as he was slow at giving the needed information, and I managed to respond an hour after their initial reply. Not awaiting for vBulletin to get back to me on the transfer process, although 3 hours have passed now since I last had a response from them.. I figure it's because they are on some sort of lunch break..
  10. Hello guys, the following style is created for vBulletin 3.8 The style were created for the winter period to give the forums a more of a community look, however, my website closed before I made it usable. I accept Bank Transfer & Paypal. Having had a look around websites selling vbulletin themes, I've concluded that I'll sell both versions of the style for around £30 ($47.60) I am willing to sell the style at a different price, as long as it's an reasonable price. I'm currently in the process of having my vBulletin transferred to it's new owner, and no longer have an activ
  11. They usually respond to support tickets rather quickly, and i'm from England.. so fingers crossed they transfer it within 24 hours.. But yeah, had a few people add me on skype making an interest, then backing out at the last minute by making up some silly excuse. really hate it when people waste your time.
  12. Greetings Citizens! I currently own 2 vBulletin 4 licenses, with the ability to download the vBulletin 3 series, the software is worth £156 ($240 ish) on the vbulletin website, and i'm looking to sell it for around £70. For a quick response feel free to add me on skype: ForumBoss

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