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  1. Transaction complete on both ends.
  2. Details sent to buyer waiting on confirmation that he accessed the account.
  3. License confirmation. Changed the URL field to "Extra License Confirm " as another level of proof.
  4. Vbulletin Account that allows you to download up to the latest version of Vbulletin 4. Keep in mind that this is just the account as it was a used license I bought that is no longer transferable. After I receive payment I'll send along the login details your way and you can change the password at that point. Going cheap @ $40
  5. From the emails I got from vbulletin the license should now be transferred. Did you get all the emails from them with the info Gezer?
  6. www.wrestlingsmarks.com Launched in December of 2010 and are still going strong. Pro Wrestling in general is down right now in terms of popularity but we hold our own and are right in the middle in terms of activity and member base in the niche. Anything you like/don't like let me know as I'm always open to feedback. In the near future I will be adding a front page for news(wordpress) and a few other small tweaks.
  7. Just waiting on a reply from vbulletin....here's a screenshot just so you know the ticket was sent today
  8. Could take up to 24 hours just depends on how quick they are to respond to the ticket.
  9. License sold to Gezer just waiting on VB to do the transfer.
  10. BMR

    vBulletin 5

    IDK....the fact that they fix over 150 bugs with each release and then 150 more pop up is scary. Plus there's no way to know how it will function on a big board and still there's no infraction and paid sub system in place.
  11. BMR

    vBulletin 5

    It's a mess and at this point I probably won't ever touch. Made the mistake of updating by board to 4.0 right when it went gold and that turned out to be a huge headache. Honestly would like to see them still support VB 4 as there's a lot of nice things they could still do with it.
  12. Refund sent.....license still for sale.
  13. Just to verify I have not received any money from Cowabanga doesn't even have my paypal address. Just got the message from him saying he was interested so he is first in line and this falls through I will move on to the next message of interest that I received.
  14. If you can do $10 it's all yours.
  15. All I was looking for was to sell the domain. Make a offer I'm pretty open.

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